JULY 26TH - 28TH 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Will tickets be available on the gate? Possibly, who knows! If tickets don’t sell out before hand, they will be available on the gate. The best way to make sure that you get a ticket, is to buy it online now!

Are there day tickets? At present, day tickets are NOT available due to limited capacity. We may have the opportunity to offer a limited quantity of day tickets for purchase closer to the festival, depending on the sales of weekend tickets.

Are we able to bring our camper van? Yes, camper vans, tents and caravans are all welcome but not converted coaches.

Can family/ friends camp together if they have a combination of tent and caravan/ camper van? Yes, but we advise early arrival to ensure there is sufficient space.

Can I park my car next to my tent? No, we only allow you to unload then you must move your car to the car parks. However, there is plenty of parking around the edges of the camping field.

What is the earliest time I can arrive on the campsite? Entry to the campsite is from 2pm on Thursday 25th July 2024 for weekend ticket holders.

Are there electric hookups on site? No, there is no electrical charging facilities on our campsites.

Are there showers on the campsite? Unfortunately, there are No showers available on the campsite this year. However, there are standpipes located throughout the site for your convenience. We recommend bringing appropriate washing kit and water vessels to ensure a comfortable camping experience.

I am disabled, can I camp close to the festival arenas? Yes, there is dedicated camping for the disabled adjacent to the festival entrance.

Can I have a BBQ on the campsite? Yes, we do allow BBQ’s on the campsite but they must be purpose built and raised up from the ground. We suggest having a fire bucket or extinguisher close at hand.

Can I bring my dog? We do not allow dogs in the Arena part of our site with the exception of assistance dogs. We advice you NOT to bring your dog to the site.

If we have been unable to answer your question here please email [email protected] where our Sales & Administration Manager will be happy to help.

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JULY 26TH - 28TH 2024

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